It’s not about the Money, it’s about Me!

Yes! This is the realisation one of my coaching clients had during our 6 hour money coaching programme.

We began working together in March as she wanted to work through WHY she wasn’t earning enough income to live a comfortable life without financial worry. |She wanted to shift her focus to be comfortable earning a higher income which would move away from the financial struggle she was experiencing.

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It started off being about Money but she quickly realised it was due to past experiences rooted in her own feelings of self-value.

This realisation, that she is worthy, has empowered her to now influence her own financial situation. She’s given herself permission to earn more, she’s letting go of the feeling that she wasn’t lovable and wasn’t worth being given to, so she can receive the income she needs and wants.

She’s learnt she is truly valuable and realised it was never about the money and always about her own feelings, thoughts and mindset.

This is what I love most about coaching. Being there at that ‘aha’ moment and knowing she is now about to transform her life.

WHY? Because she now knows, feels and understands what was stopping her in the first place and can take action, supported by new money beliefs, to facilitate that change.

I am so excited to see where this realisation leads her to! I’ll check in with her again as part of our agreed follow up plan and I’ll be sure to pop back and update you!

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