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I’m Catherine. I am an Award-Winning Accredited Financial Coach, Qualified Financial Adviser, Money Blogger and Family Will Writer and founder of #TheFinfluencer.

I coach parents on how to influence their finances to create change for themselves, their families and the things they are passionate about using a combination of money mindset coaching and practical finance skills.

I help parents who want to use their money positively to create new, confident, positive money relationships that work for them, to support what they want to really enjoy in life so they can focus on what really matters most to them.

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My mission is to Financially Empower Parents to Use their Money with Purpose

Why do I offer purpose-led financial coaching for families?

I became a Mum when I was young. I loved being a Mum (and still do) but against a challenging financial backdrop, it was tough. However, it taught me to be hugely creative at making and squirrelling money, spending on a tight budget and prioritising the things I valued most.

I finally had a moment of realisation that I was “destined to repeat what I didn’t understand” and made the decision to invest time, money and care into myself for me and my family and have done so ever since.

I re-qualified first as an Independent Financial Adviser, Equity Release Adviser and Will Writer and broke my own scarcity money cycle and doubled my income, not once, but twice in two years. This self awareness and a deep rooted belief that money is a force for good (not the root of all evil), for a purpose and when directed toward a meaningful goal for us it creates the change and life we want so added a further investment and became an accredited Certified Financial Coach.

So now I help families like you create positive, purposeful money relationships and the sustainable financial future they want. There is nothing I have done or learned that you can’t do too.

This is why financial coaching for parents and families is so powerful – you already have everything you need to change and influence your financial situation and use it in alignment with your values.

My Vision and Values

My Values create CHANGE and are embedded in my business strategy and decisions as well as my financial coaching.

  • Compassion – I listen, coach and act with compassion
  • Honesty – I’ll be honest and transparent at all times and use my money honestly
  • Aspiration – By changing our financial situation and using our money with purpose we can aspire to be all we can
  • Non-Judgemental – I will listen always without judgement, whatever your story
  • Give Back – I have a give back pledge that aligns with my values
  • Empower – Influencing your finances empowers you to live the life you want and create the change you want to see

I create a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental coaching space for parents. There is no good, bad, right or wrong with money, beliefs or values when working with me. Money coaching focuses on change, your future and creating the one that you want so I focus on empowering you to achieve those aspirations.

Who Do I Coach?

I offer financial coaching for purpose-led parents, whatever age your children are, whatever your family, shape, size or dynamic. Our family are often our purpose, the reason we get up and do things, the reason we want to develop, improve & change, the reason we want to leave a social, environmental or financial legacy.

I specialise in complex families, blended, co-parenting, single or remarried because some of the financial and emotional relationships require more knowledge and this is where my experience lies.

Our money relationship reflects our own relationship with ourselves and with others. When we value ourselves and have a great money relationship, everyone benefits. Our children see and respond to our positive money mindset and habits, so in turn have more confident relationships with themselves and their money and recognise that money is for a purpose.

How I can help you

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I’d love to help you create the sustainable financial future you want for you & your family.

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