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How your ‘bad’ money habits help you

The ‘bad’ habits you have with money, are actually trying to help you, here’s how. No money habit is intrinsically ‘bad’, but you may be reading this because you want to change a money habit that isn’t serving you. Recognising how a behaviour is helping you can be a helpful way to explore why you do that in order to then let it go and create a new money

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Freedom from Financial Fear

How would your life be different if you were free from financial fear? What would you do differently without money worries? When I ask people this question there is usually a long pause. I asked it this morning to a group of entrepreneurs who’d all shared they feel stress, anxiety or fear around money, whether they have a lot of money or none. The first answer I heard was

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Enjoy Spending by Intending to Spend

Intend to Spend, in Two Easy Steps

The good news, as your money coach I’m not here to tell you not to spend, in fact I intend to share how to spend, with intention in two easy steps. I’ve run two group coaching workshops this week and absolutely loved listening to so many different money stories. Buyer’s Regret What struck me was that over half of the people I spoke to said their biggest money pain

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