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From Fear to Financial Freedom

From Impulsive Spender to Freedom from Fear

I’ve gone from being an impulsive spender with a fear of what this could lead to, to putting measures in place, giving me a freedom and confidence to live without this fear. Janine Sandilands It’s true, a client testimonial really brings our work to life. We hear & see the impact we have on their

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Inner Child in charge of shopping

Is your Inner Child managing your money?

Are you letting your “inner child” manage your money and hold the purse strings? The answer is probably yes. Our Money Relationship is an unconscious one We believe that our relationship with money is conscious, but almost all of our beliefs around money stem from unconscious thoughts and the experiences and lessons we had and

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Open and Invest in a Stocks & Shares ISA

I helped my son invest in a Junior ISA, here’s how

Today I helped my 12 year old son open and invest in a stocks and shares Junior ISA. He is thrilled! His older brother invested in a children’s ISA and recently progressed into a Lifetime ISA for his future house deposit. This good example, plus experience in cash saving paved the way for him. Here’s

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