Financial Coaching for Conscious Parents

Bringing the emotional & practical side of money together, alongside your personal values so you can create the financial future you want, for you, your family and things that matter most to you.

Our money choices don’t just effect us, they effect those we love.

Parents face a myriad of daily choices for how and where we spend, save, grow and make money for ourselves and the people and things we love and navigating daily money choices can be challenging.

How can we raise our family AND do money well whilst also making positive choices that work for us today and leave both a financial and environmental legacy for them? How can we make these choices with the realities of time, convenience, cost and impact all being factored in?

And do ALL that, even though our own money experiences might be rooted in fear, scarcity or guilt. The feeling that there is not enough or we don’t deserve to have more or that money is somehow wrong, runs out or greedy.

Money may look like numbers but our relationship with it is often emotional and shaped by our past experience. These unconscious thoughts and feelings shape our behaviours and money habits.

That’s where Financial Coaching comes in.

I’ve never earned so much money in my life! I feel so at ease to receive & save to spend. I got the pay rise, & am just staying focused on your words and challenging my old restrictive mindset.

Casey | Single Parent

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You don’t need to face your finances alone, we’ll support you with personal finance skills, money tips and hold you accountable as you change your money habits.

I increased my income by over £12,000 within months of working with Catherine. I can easily make good spending & saving choices without guilt or impulse, that work for my whole family and enjoy my money!

Janine | Blended Family

About Catherine

I am a certified Financial Coach and Family Will Writer, having trained originally as an Independent Financial Adviser. I help Parents firstly improve their own relationship with money and learn to enjoy it, save more, make and spend well. But more than that I help parents who want live ethically, consciously and in line with their personal values use money to grow and support their Family.
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Financial Coaching

1-1 Money with Purpose

Money with Purpose Programme

A One to One Financial Coaching programme to identify your personal purpose & family values so you can change your money habits into positive saving, spending, and investing habits that align with your purpose, ethics and priorities.

Whether your goal is conscious spending, sustainable living, ethical investing, family first or green money decisions this programme is centred around creating a sustainable roadmap that’s right for you.

VIP 1-1 Financial Coaching

Family Financial Success Programme

Your Financial Plan and One to One Coaching programme to transform your money relationship into a positive and equip you with the beliefs, mindset & money skills needed to support your family finance plan.

Working together we’ll uncover the money beliefs that currently stop you achieving your financial goals and help you create a plan that works for you to save & invest more, make & spend money for family financial success.

1-1 Maximise your Income

Maximise Your Income Boost Sessions

Looking to increase your income? You want to ask for a pay rise but feel uncomfortable. Or have a job interview and are dreading the “what are your salary expectations?” question. You run your own business and know you aren’t charging enough for your services but don’t know how to overcome the feelings that are holding you back?

This two session 1-1 programme will get you to the numbers that feel right for you and confidently asking for more.

Self-Guided Money Coaching

Money Membership

Join the Money Membership for weekly bite-sized video money coaching to support you through learning the skills and emotional changes needed to manage your money well.

Includes monthly live group coaching with Catherine & your community and access to discounted BOOST 1-1 coaching sessions.

Your own Money Coach in your Pocket in your own time, at your own pace, 24/7.

Working One-to-One with Catherine to improve my relationship with money has been the best decision I’ve made this year. She’s a naturally gifted coach who listens with an open mind and without judgement.

Julie | Co-parent

Professional Services

Workshops & Speaking

Workshops, Writing & Speaking

I deliver workshops, speak and write on the following topics:

– Family Finance. Balancing everyone’s needs and why finance not personal
– Money & Mindset, the emotional side of money & how our beliefs effect our habits
– Complex families and the additional money & relationship challenges they face
– Money with Purpose. Ethical Money & Conscious Consumerism how to use your money as an influence for good.

Family Will Writing

Family Will Writing

Help those you love by leaving everything in place for when you’re gone. Your Will, your wishes and how to manage everything without you.

Blended, second & unmarried families are most at risk without a Will as intestacy looks for marriage & next of kin when deciding how to share out what you own.

I’ll prepare your Will to reflect your wishes and ensure those you love most, benefit.

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I had tried EVERYTHING and couldn’t make it stick. Catherine has given me so many lightbulb moments that I’m not spending and starting to understand why I’ve been doing the things I used to do. I’ve taken action on my personal and business finance.

Beth | Second Family

Work with Me

I’d love to help you create the sustainable financial future you want for you & your family.

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