Financially Empowering Families

Bringing the emotional and practical side of money together, so you can create the financial future you want, for you and for your family then focus on what matters most to you

Hey, I’m Catherine,

I’m a qualified financial adviser and accredited money coach specialising in families and finances.

I coach, blog & speak on money, mindset, family finance and estate planning.

I’m on a mission to empower parents to take control and influence their money to create the financial future they want for themselves and their family. I know there are two sides to our money relationship, the emotional and the practical and we need to honour both for real financial change.

Why Families?

Our money choices don’t just effect us, they effect those we love. It is often our family that gives us purpose to work, earn and use our money to raise them up whether that is through early childhood or as adults wanting to leave a legacy.

In particular I focus on second families, those of us who have been married, divorced or single parents and re-marrying or blending. Why? Because I’ve been there and learnt so much over 30 years that I can help you with.

More about me

Working with Catherine to improve my relationship with money has been the best decision I’ve made this year. She’s a naturally gifted coach who listens with an open mind and without judgement. I feel happier and stronger in my relationships.

Julie | Co-parenting

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I’ve increased my income by over £10,000 and feel confident that I’m no longer going to emotionally spend. I can now enjoy saving and spending on my family

Janine | Blended Family

Financial Coaching

Group Money Coaching Programme

Take control & influence your money to fearlessly create the financial future you want in just 4 weeks!

One to One Financial Coaching

By the end of your bespoke coaching program you’ll be able to positively influence your money without fear and have clear money goals that you can work towards with ease & confidence

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I had tried EVERYTHING and couldn’t make it stick. Catherine has given me so many lightbulb moments that I’m not spending, I’m checking everything I do spend and starting to understand why I’ve been doing the things I used to do. I’ve taken action on my personal and business finance and am saving for my family

Beth | Second Family

Work with Me

I’d love to help you create a financial future for your family so if you’ve a money worry, you feel stuck with your money mindset or need practical financial support please ask!

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