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Enjoy Spending by Intending to Spend

Intend to Spend, in Two Easy Steps

The good news, as your money coach I’m not here to tell you not to spend, in fact I intend to share how to spend, with intention in two easy steps. I’ve run two group coaching workshops this week and absolutely loved listening to so many different money stories. Buyer’s Regret What struck me was

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5 Steps to Financial Fullness

You have everything you need to take steps towards ‘financial fullness’. Yes, ‘Financial Fullness’ is probably another of my made up terms (like Enoughness) so I’ll explain what I mean. Many years ago I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and felt empowered to attract more money into my life, but I never truly believed

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Seven Steps to get Money Smart

You don’t have to be wealthy to be smart with money, but you do have to get money smart to build your wealth. Let’s look at seven steps you can take to get there. I wasn’t always money smart. In truth it scared me, usually because there wasn’t enough and I didn’t think I deserved

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