Financial Coaching

Looking to change the way you are with money?

There are two sides to Money;
Emotional & Practical

Awareness of the meaning you give to your money, the root of the feelings you have with your money; fear, anxiety, guilt or shame and how these effect your practical money habits, is the start to influencing a new confident positive money relationship.

One to One Financial Coaching

We’ll work together online one-to-one over 12 weeks tailored to you and your unique financial situation.

I’ll support you as we uncover your limiting money beliefs and work towards the money change you want to see. By the end of your bespoke coaching program you’ll be able to positively #finfluence your money without fear and have clear money goals that you can work towards with ease & confidence

Is one-to-one financial coaching for me?

Group Money Coaching

Intense and intimate money coaching courses. We’ll work together in a safe space over 6 weeks to work toward #finfluencing your money goals.

By the end of the course you’ll understand your past money experiences and the effect they are having on your daily money habits and have begun new positive habits. You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to budget, plan, save & spend so you can achieve your money goals with confidence

Is group money coaching for me?

Self-Paced Coached Courses

Coming Soon!

All the tools and coaching videos you’ll need to work through understanding your limiting money beliefs and habits in your own time and become your own greatest #finfluencer to create the money change you want to see.

Tell me when this is ready

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