Financial Coaching

There are two sides to Money; Emotional & Practical.
The common connection is you.

Financial Success 1-1 Programme

  • Have you got a good income, a family and you work really hard, but you are not seeing and enjoying the results of your hard work?
  • Do you see the money coming in and the money going out and you feel like you’re not managing it quite as well as you could.
  • You want more time, choice and freedom and the one thing stopping you achieving this financial success is money.

Financial Success Coaching Programme for Parents is a one-to-one programmes that runs over 3 months during which we’ll prepare your personalised Financial Plan and all the practical and emotional coaching you need to get to this freedom and financial success and enjoy spending, guilt-free.
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Money with Purpose 1-1 Programme

  • Are you a parent looking to improve how you use your money for you, your family that fully incorporates your ethics, values and beliefs?
  • You already take some action to live sustainably or do less harm but feel confused or overwhelmed by (mis)information when it comes to making sure all your money is working toward this too.
  • You want to actively change your money habits into positive making, saving, spending, and investing habits that align with your purpose, ethics and priorities.

Whether your goal is conscious spending, sustainable living, ethical investing, family first or green money decisions this 7 week One to One Money with Purpose Coaching Programme will ensure you have the knowledge to use your money in line with your own beliefs and help you to create a sustainable roadmap that’s right for you.
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Maximise my Income 1-1 Coaching

  • Looking to increase your income?
  • You want to ask for a pay rise but feel uncomfortable about asking or are afraid they’ll just say No.
  • Do you have a job interview on the horizon and are dreading the “what are your salary expectations” question?
  • You have a certain salary figure in mind that ‘feels’ right but suspect its not as much as you’re worth but anything higher than that just feels uncomfortable.
  • Do you contract and know you aren’t charging enough for your services but afraid you’ll lose work by increasing your rates

Maximise my Income Coaching runs over two 1-1 sessions in which we will explore those beliefs, I’ll coach you through the uncomfortable feelings and help you arrive at an income figure that fits you, today, that you can confidently ask for more.
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Your Money Membership

  • Want to benefit from financial coaching but money is still tight for you?
  • You want to know more about money, mindset and skills and enjoy working at your own pace?
  • You want to k now you’re not alone and have a community supporting you on your financial journey?

Not Currently accepting New Members – Book a Discovery Call Instead

Join our Money Membership for self-paced money learning via weekly coaching videos & monthly community support. All the tools and weekly bite-size coaching videos you’ll need to learn to love, make more, save more and grow your money. Expert Coaching from me, Monthly group Money Dates and Money Trainings accessible 24/7 on any device and discounts on BOOST sessions.

Complimentary Membership is included as a bonus for all 1-1 financial coaching clients too. Become your own best financial influence with your money coach in your pocket.

Group Financial Coaching Courses

Current Course Finished. New Dates to Come soon.

Still not sure which money coaching option is right for you?