Setting New Year Money Resolutions – Successfully

31% of new year resolutions are to “Save more Money” and almost as many are to “Spend less Money” but statistics tell us that 80% of all resolutions don’t make it through January.

So how can we set new year Money Goals that we can achieve, stick to and benefit from – successfully?

The answer doesn’t lie in the ┬úNumbers, it lies in the underlying feeling and beliefs about money and the habits these create. So we start off well with great intentions but gradually over time we revert to responding to that limiting belief and default habit. That’s completely human and neither a fail or a bad habit.

Setting new year, or any day of the year, resolutions successfully takes working on our money mindset first. This often that means moving away from fear, anxiety, guilt and worry and replacing those feelings with joy, opportunity and excitement. Then connecting that goal to a meaningful purpose, something meaningful to you.

So before setting any resolutions delve deeper into your Money Mindset or take our free 5 day challenge to Spark more Joy with your Money and THEN set your money goals to set yourself up for success.

  • You’ll learn why it starts with positive feelings first
  • You’ll celebrate what you did achieve and already have
  • You’ll make space and time to enjoy doing money
  • AND because you enjoy it… you do money well and the savings will grow because
  • You take the actions needed to save more instead of procrastinating.
  • You’re mindset will be about I can rather than I can’t
  • You’ll have a purpose for everything you save and spend so you benefit and enjoy it.

Spark more JOY with your Money

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