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Why am I so stuck with my money?

You can probably see what your money habits actually are. Do you have a feeling that you’re spending impulsively? Perhaps you know you don’t consistently save enough. Can you see you’re not investing regularly or reviewing your pension even though you’ve got an income coming in? Maybe you get to the end of the month wondering where all the money has gone, again. You “know” you should look but you just feel ‘stuck’ with your money.

But Why do you have those habits? Where did they even come from and When? And most importantly, How can you change them, for good.

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Why am I stuck with these money habits?

Your money habits are created by your inner thoughts and feelings.

It is those thoughts and feelings that sub-consciously drive your behaviour. So your habit is the outside action created by your inner world, your inner beliefs.

Now that is all perfectly ok if the money habits are supporting your financial situation, but if they don’t and they are limiting you then it’s time for change.

Where have my money beliefs come from?

Money is often intrinsically tied in with our own feelings of worth. Many of the beliefs we have around money and our value come from our past experiences and the money stories we saw, heard and interpreted as we were growing up.

Understanding where your money beliefs have come from is key to changing your money habits, which is why this step is the first one I teach in my group coaching programme “Take control and influence your money to fearlessly create your financial future in 4 weeks”.

By identifying who was key in your childhood as a financial influencer, the behaviours you witnessed and the words you heard, will help you to understand what drives your money habits. Then you can create new ones and finally get un-stuck.

How can I change these beliefs?

Working with a financial coach is a positive and transformative way to quickly achieve lasting change. You can also make a start yourself by becoming aware of the fleeting thoughts and feelings in and around money. Asking yourself questions and making space to get interested in the answers.

Try some of these to get started:

  • What do I remember about money growing up?
  • How do I feel when I spend/after I spend?
  • How do I feel when I think about my finances?
  • Have I always thought/felt like this?
  • When did I first start doing/feeling this?
  • What do I tell myself about money?
  • What Can’t/Don’t/Wonts am I saying to myself?

Make some time and space to get interested in the answers. The more you understand about what beliefs are driving your habits the easier beginning to change them will be.

If you are still feeling stuck then check out my 4 week group program which will help you change and create a different financial future for you and your family.

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