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6 Things Being Broke Taught Me

I learnt more about Money and my Money Relationship when I was broke and I wouldn’t change those lessons for the world. Those are the lessons that now help me keep, make and grow my Money, I just had to make one change first.

But before I get to that change, here’s what being broke taught me about Money.

1. Creativity

I learnt to get creative in making, magicking & creating money and experiences for the kids. Whether that was reselling, recycling, side hustles or adding magic to summer holidays and christmas with time, stories or spin.

2. Adaptability

I became more able to adapt and change what I was doing to changes outside of my control. I couldn’t stop a landlord selling their house, a rent increase, a change in childcare costs but I could change how I reacted or responded to it.

3. Prioritising

I couldn’t have everything so I had to prioritise what I truly valued and focus only on these. This taught me to weigh up what was most valuable to me and my Family and let go of everything else.

4. Goal Commitment

I learned to set achievable goals and 100% commit to them. Setting a small target for example save £100 for Christmas, make £200 for a camping trip, pay off one bill at a time.

5. Focus

Instead of focussing on what I didn’t have, I learned to focus on what I did have and what was most valuable including time & experiences with those I love.

and lastly, here is the one that changed everything

6. Let go of Fear

Fear is the most common emotion I see around money, and it is the one stopping us moving from broke to having choices and freedom. There’s the fear of not having enough, fear of losing what little we have, fear of being asked for money we don’t have, fear of failing, falling, losing, getting it wrong. When I realised it was fear that caused me to think small, play safe and occasionally not look at all, I began focussing on my mindset, language and feelings around money and that changed everything.

Replace Fear with Faith

The mind will find what we think and feel. When we are afraid of money or being without money, that’s the pattern we repeat because that’s what we expect to happen.

I now use those lessons, my creativity, adaptability, focus and goal setting but with a positive feeling. I’ve learned I can make more, keep it safe, make it grow and still value what I love.

By shifting fear into thanks, belief, opportunity or faith we see the opportunities we used to miss, express gratitude for them and take positive actions that support new money habits that align with our values.

We do Money On Purpose, With Purpose.

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