Don’t Bank on the Bomb

I recently co-hosted another Episode of the Women and Money Café with my good friend and co-host Julie Flynn. She’d asked me to give her money an “Ethical Finance Audit”.

It came up in conversation as Julie knows I’m a huge conscious consumer and can’t separate what I do with my money from my personal values. She also knows this is what I work with my clients to help them achieve so they can confidently save, invest, make and grow their own money consciously and in line with their values, purpose and beliefs.

Don’t Bank on the Bomb

Julie has her own values, as we all do, and for her she’s vehemently committed to not using her money to inadvertently support Wars or Weapons production.

We’re both qualified advisers and planners so she’s looked through her own investments and pensions already and knows those funds she’s invested match her own ethical beliefs. But what about the other places our money goes too? What about the banks, the insurers and the brands we spend money on? Was she accidently supporting something she is so adamantly against?

Women and Money Café – Don’t Bank on the Bomb

So I completed her Ethical Finance Audit and we broke it down in detail in Episode 39. Don’t Bank on the Bomb Ethical Money Audit episode. Listen below especially for the big high street banks and insurers who are on the list for funding weapons. Or check out some of the resources listed in the shownotes.

Shownotes and Resources

Julie now has a Rag report identifying which of her banks, insurers, brands, apps and companies are Red, Amber or Green when measured against her key value of not supporting weapons. So in Julies case the big RED ones for her money habits were Lloyds, Chase (JP Morgan) and Aviva. Halifax and Admiral made it to AMBER and Starling, Nationwide were GREEN.

A word of warning on investing in passive funds where they track the performance of a specific index. These indexes will include some of the big players in weapons production so naturally being invested in FTSE 100, S&P 500 and similar indexes will likely give you investment exposure to these companies.

Don’t Bank on the Bomb Who Invests
Ethical Consumer Bank Investments in Weapons

Ethical Finance Audits

Ever wondered are your spending, saving and financial habits aligned with your values? Be it banking on the bomb, supporting climate change, avoiding money habits that support human rights abuse, fast-fashion or plastics production. Schedule your own Ethical Finance Audit with Catherine.

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