5 Reasons It’s OK To Want More Money

Often I hear from clients an echo of a childhood belief I held which is that “Money is for greedy people” or “Having too much is selfish or spoils you” . The impact of continuing to hold these limiting beliefs is that we inadvertently stay away from having too much, don’t ask for more, under price and under value ourselves.

But when we have more money, we can do more with it. It is not the money that makes people selfish, greedy or spoiled. money in the hands of good people brings more good. Once I recognised that earning more meant I could have more impact, things changed.

When money flows into the hands of women, everything changes

Melinda Gates

I’m going to share 5 reasons its ok to want more. But before we start, here’s a quick mindset check in as its our beliefs around Money that shape our reactions, responses and behaviour. Once we become aware of these we have the ability to interrupt these beliefs and shift them into beliefs that support what we want to achieve.

Mindset Check in

Read this statement:

It is absolutely 100% OK to want to earn more, make more or create more money.

Just take a breath there.

  • Did you immediately agree with that statement or was there a voice, thought, feeling that cropped up saying something different?
  • What was that thought or belief?
  • Where has that come from?
  • Do you REALLY believe that?
  • What would happen if you believed something different?

Now make a note of anything you’ve become aware of and tune in to when you hear, see or feel those beliefs again.

5 Reasons it’s ok to ask for more money

Here are 5 reasons having more is good for you, your family, your community and the wider world.

1. More Time

Having more money buys you more time, time to spend with Family, friends, on experiences, enjoying life and loving living.

2. More Choice

More money buys you Choice. The choices to decide what you do when and with whom. The choice to do the things you love. Life isn’t about constantly working hard to make ends meet, when you ask for more, make more or create more you buy choices.

How Money Smart are You?

3. More Independence

Making more money gives you freedom and independnece. The freedom to choose your job, relationship, home. To be finaically self-reliant means we can leave reltionships and circumstances that don’t serve us that without more we couldnt necearily do.

4. More Giving

Earning more means you can choose who what where and when you give to. You have the opportunity to re-direct your money to support and help people you love.

5. More Change

When you have more, you can invest in change and impact. Your pension and investments can grow whilst supporting businesses that echo your values, causes. Or you can use to serve people through your business with impact.

The more money you ask for, make or create does not make you greedier, more selfish or set you apart from your tribe. It empowers you to lead the life you want to lead, to support and give to those you love, to change and impact wider issues.

What would you do with more? What’s holding you back from asking for a payrise, increasing your prices, investing some of your money for future returns?

What one thing could you do TODAY to pave the way for inviting more money into your life?

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