6 Money Mindset Hacks to Try Today

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

When we hold a belief about ourselves or our money, it quietly plays out in our unconscious and effects our day to day behaviour. Our mind will seek to constantly prove us right, unless that belief is challenged.

The key is to interrupt the belief that no longer helps you, and start seeking a new solution. So here are 6 money mindset hacks for you to try to interrupt a limiting belief and open the door to a new way.

1. Positive Switch

With this switch, you simply remove the negative word from the sentence you say to yourself.

Example: “I Don’t deserve it” becomes “I deserve It”

This can work for some beliefs, and can effectively interrupt a thought pattern but it also has the tendency to:

  • Make us behave in a way that doesn’t match our actual money situation, for example, to just buy something that wasn’t the right thing at the right time
  • Meets a further internal resistance and creates a pantomime in our minds “oh yes you can, oh no I cant.” And if the No wins out you’ve re-enforced the original limiting belief

2. Solution Seeking

This switch doesn’t challenge the original belief but pushes us to look for new creative solutions by first using a very specific example of the belief and adding “But What I can do is….”

Example: “I cant afford it” becomes “I Can’t afford a family holiday but what I can do is….”

  • Cancel a subscription and save the £10 a month toward one later
  • Look for a last minute deal
  • Share with friends and reduce the cost
  • Go to that place but camp instead
  • Enjoy a few days away instead of two weeks
  • Take on some extra work and save the difference
  • Declutter the kids rooms and sell the outgrown things

This method uses the minds natural ability to seek solutions, avoids the pantomime and doesn’t ‘deny’ the original belief. Once you start being successful with examples like this, it also provides the past proof needed for other limiting money beliefs.

3. Easy Hack

This switch is to take the definitive language away from the belief with the use of “easy” words and a shift toward solutions.

Example: “Money Comes and Goes” could become “Money comes to me easily and I can choose where it goes”

Unlike the positive switch with this you are in control of the solution and taking the hard work out of money, but like the positive switch it could become an internal pantomime. Try it and if it works great and if it doesn’t pick another.

4. Past Proof

This mindset hack challenges you to look for past proof of when that belief has been proven right or wrong.

Example “I am no good with money” Look for example in the past where you have been

  • Was it as a child
  • Before or after university
  • Before your married or divorced.
  • Did you save your pocket money
  • Are your essential bills/rent/mortgage always paid
  • Have you been great at finding or making essential money when you really needed it.

If you can find proof of good money habits, even if small examples, you can reframe it to “I am not always good with money but I have been really good at … (your example)”

If you really can’t find any proof, try a future shift instead.

5. Future Shift

A future switch interrupts your thinking by looking to the future for possible changes.

Example: “I am no good with money” could become “I am not yet great with money but I will be because…”

Similar to solution seeking this reframe doesn’t deny (and therefore reinforce) the existing belief but turns it’s attention to seeking solutions.

  • I can complete a budgeting course
  • I can find help from an expert
  • I can read a new book
  • I can study how successful Money people do things
  • I will commit to learning what in need to change this
  • I am working on my money mindset

6. Challenge Hack

Have you ever just asked yourself when you hear yourself repeating a belief whether it is actually true?

Example: “There is never Enough” ask yourself “Is that really true?” and sense check and challenge your thinking by asking yourself questions.

  • For whom?
  • Is everyone without money?
  • When did it ever really run out?
  • What is enough?
  • What could happen if I do something differently with what I have?
  • Am I making the most of what comes in?
  • How could I make more?
  • When would I know I had enough?

Questioning a belief is a great mindset hack. It doesn’t fight the original belief but challenges it. It gives you space to use a number of the above hacks by seeking solutions, challenging past evidence and considering what future changes you can make. Get creative with this one and it’s well worth journaling some of your thoughts, questions and answers.

Try these out today and let me know in the comments below or on Instagram which ones were the most effective for you in really beginning to shift your money mindset and the money beliefs that no longer serve you.

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  1. This money mindset advice is brilliant. Most advice about this subject only goes as far as challenging the reader to seek past proof, which is fine for some people but that doesn’t really work for me. Here you’ve given a wide selection of ways to discover what mindset changes might help. I’ve got a creative brain and can always think of ways to do something but I’d of never thought of these mindsets tricks, thank you for writing and sharing this post, I’ll be sure to pass it on x

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