Freedom from Financial Fear

How would your life be different if you were free from financial fear? What would you do differently without money worries?

When I ask people this question there is usually a long pause.

I asked it this morning to a group of entrepreneurs who’d all shared they feel stress, anxiety or fear around money, whether they have a lot of money or none. The first answer I heard was “I’ve never really thought about that” And we don’t.

But re-imagining our future with a new belief brings us one step closer to creating that new future for ourselves.

Money evokes an emotional response in all of us, money itself is neutral but we attribute an emotion, or set of emotions to it based on our experiences and the stories we heard and saw as we grew up.

Those feelings and beliefs then continue to shape our actions and habits in and around money. We continue to believe our inner rhetoric that money is scarce, scary, stressful or fearful. We respond and react to it based on those emotions and thoughts within us.

What if that fear was simply an emotion and if it wasn’t really about the money? How would letting go of that belief change what you do next?

Let’s try imagining it

Grab a pen and paper or your phone, or just find a quiet space and take a moment to imagine what you would do differently if you were free from financial fear?
– How does it feel?
– What does it look or sound like?
– What would you do tomorrow that you didn’t do today?
– Who could you help?
– How would your life change?
– How would the lives of those around you change?

Now you can begin imagining that possibility take a moment to compare how your answers differed from what you think, feel and do today. Is it the same?

The chances are the two are quite different. And the good news is that you have everything you need to recreate this money relationship to be free from financial fear and live the life you just dared to imagine.

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