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5 Steps to Financial Fullness

You have everything you need to take steps towards ‘financial fullness’.

Yes, ‘Financial Fullness’ is probably another of my made up terms (like Enoughness) so I’ll explain what I mean.

Many years ago I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and felt empowered to attract more money into my life, but I never truly believed in this seemingly ethereal notion of abundance.

It was just a bit too fluffy for my pragmatic, down to earth nature.

Nonetheless I figured there was “something” in this idea of ‘abundance’ and ‘like attracting like’, but I needed to hear or experience it in a way I could truly believe, something more concrete. Certainly in the absence of any faith!

Abundance as in Full, Plentiful, Bountiful, Overflowing

From the Latin Abundantia meaning overflowing

Introducing ‘Financial Enoughness’

It was as I looked back over my adult life, one rooted in scarcity (read, scared), that I realised, despite never having anything extra, we had never actually gone without.

We got close, but for some reason or other the absolute bare necessities ( I’m humming jungle book too) were always provided or found. Why was this?

When we needed a house, a home came up. When we needed food somehow we managed. Gifts would appear if the little ones needed clothes, or I’d find a new job or someone would offer me extra work or a pay rise. Somehow it happened. Every time. We always had Enough.

Enter ‘Financial Fullness’

Was my desire to provide the essentials for the children so great that that’s exactly what I was attracting? Did I just need an equal belief in attracting more?

But I didn’t truly have a desire for more, that’s when the other part of me comes into play. The belief that I didn’t deserve any more. That I should feel guilty for having more than just enough.

When I played at my Enoughness boundary and brought more in, I quickly undid that to reset back to just enough.

So I took sometime unpicking this and started noticing all I did have and imagining all I could do for the greater good with more. I gradually got comfortable with having, receiving, saving, giving and sharing more, beginning to live a more financially full and fulfilling life.

Financial fear is not something any of us deserve or should have to face alone

Let go of Fear and make space for Fullness

I was not to blame for my financial situation, but I am responsible for reshaping it and creating a new one.

Each of us has all the resources we require to create a freer, fuller, fulfilling financial future.

Here’s the 5 Steps to Financial Fullness that worked for me

Step One – Awareness

Notice how plentiful and abundant your life already is that isn’t obviously financial. Friendships, Provision, Love, Unique Talents. Laughter, Memories and all the fullness you already have.

Nurture your awareness and thankfulness for these. These don’t ‘run out’, we have an infinite ability to be fulfilled, gifted and overflowing in al these areas. Finances are no different, there is not a finite supply.

Money moves, it flows, but the worlds’ supply doesn’t suddenly run out. This is true for your personal finances too.

Step Two – Invitation

Invite money in and give yourself permission to receive it. You deserve it as much as the next person, money does not judge us, it has no opinion. It does not deem us worthy or unworthy. It is our own inner world that creates that, therefore we can shift it too.

The universe does not want to punish or deny us. Nature provides, that’s the nature of Nature.

Step Three – Focused Action

Take an action toward this financial intention.

What could you do to attract more? What skills, talents and abilities can you use to draw this in? What single step can you take today, tomorrow and toward this? What’s worked in the past?

Notice what action you are drawn to and move towards that.

Step Four – Time

Let go of controlling the How and the When and begin trusting that it will arrive in time.

You need to let go of controlling the time but this doesn’t mean you don’t set a timeframe.

State a date whereby you believe a full financially fulfilling life will come. Use this date to stay focussed in your actions and help with step 5.

Step Five – Imagine

Imagine how your life would be when financially full. Commit to a figure that you can truly believe in, either monthly or a lump sum. Imagine seeing it, write it down or repeat it to yourself.

Imagine what you could do with it, what will your life look like, what would you do differently, how grateful will you feel?

Use all of your senses to create this imagining and then repeat step 1 to 5.

Bonus Step – Clearing

If you notice any internal resistance this is natural for many of us. Remember our money beliefs are set whilst we are quite young, so take some extra time getting to know your money story, reframing and clearing some of those blocks. Not sure how? Do get in touch

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