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Are your Money Beliefs holding you back?

It’s easy for our money beliefs to hold us back but it’s not always obvious Why they do.

We can often see what our habits are. For example, we may spend impulsively, our savings never increase, we mean to leave the credit card alone but… Or money just feels so stressful we just can’t look. Sometimes it’s less obvious, perhaps we don’t take the risk of a new job or give to those we love before ourselves.

But Why do we have these habits? Where have they come from? And How can we reshape them to work for us, easily.

Why do I hold my money beliefs

These habits are the outside action created by our inner thoughts and feelings. It is these thoughts and feelings that sub-consciously lead our behaviours.

The good news is, we can change this inner world and in turn change our outside habits.

Where have my limiting beliefs come from?

They come from a combination of our past experiences and the money stories we saw, heard and interpreted as a child. We then build on these experiences as a young adult and additional stressors can come from financial trauma. Money is often intrinsically tied in with our own feelings of worth.

Understanding where our money beliefs have come from is a first step to shaping new habits.

I’ve created this Family Tree Workbook for you to print and use as a starting point to understanding where you’ve inherited some of your money beliefs.

How can I change these beliefs?

Working with a financial coach is a positive and transformative way to achieve lasting change, but much can be done to get started using your own curiosity and self awareness. Journaling can be insightful so can creating your Family Money Tree.

By identifying who was key in your childhood as an influencer, behaviours you witnessed and words you heard, helps you to see what you’ve inherited and learned.

You can then use this awareness to decide what beliefs you want to begin to let go of, which you want to keep and what you need to add as a new belief.

Armed with this knowledge you can work on creating a new set of positive money beliefs and start imagining how your life would be with those new beliefs – and new habits – in place.

Change your thoughts and feelings and your habits will change too. Download your Family Money Tree and let the money change begin.

Create your Family Money Tree

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