Financial Money Coach Catherine Thomas-Humphreys at TheFinfluencer
Catherine Thomas-Humphreys

I’m a qualified financial adviser, certified financial coach & founder of #TheFinfluencer.

I am a Family Finance expert and coachblog speakpodcast and runs workshops on money, mindset, family finance and financial change.

I specialise in complex families including single parents, blended and second-time families to empower parents to take control and influence their money to create the financial future they want for themselves and their family.

Topics I am passionate about about:

The impact of family breakdown on finances and emotions and how to successfully heal this for financial success

Change and transformation

Money is both Emotional and Practical, these two components when brought in alignment create financial freedom and success

Family Finance. Navigating the choices parents make to achieve their own financial goals, a family legacy, raising their children in line with their family and financial values whilst also supporting their own parents

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