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Your Will, your wishes and how to manage when you’re gone.

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The one thing we all say we “know” we should have yet 6 out of 10 of us still don’t. Why?
Because it’s a conversation we just don’t want to have and a reality we don’t want to face.

Yet peace of mind is the most common feeling people I work with report having once they have completed their Will.

I’ll support you through writing your Will with compassion and simplicity, entirely online and you could have your Will in front of you within 2 weeks ready to sign – and breathe a sigh of relief.

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Why use Me?

I’m a qualified will writer and a member of the society of will writers. I previously trained as a financial adviser and am a certified financial coach and have been a Mum for 30 years.

I’m mindful of the emotions triggered when considering writing a Will as well as the financial implications and added complexities relationships with family members can have on this.

As well as writing your will with as much ease as possible I’ll also highlight any other additional areas that could be addressed and signpost you to the right expert for that.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

As important as a Will. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a powerful document that allows you to nominate someone you trust to act on your behalf in the event of you losing your capacity.

They are registered with the Office of Public Guardian and you can choose who will act, how they act and when they act to make decisions on your behalf for finances or health & welfare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Will Cost?

I am transparent and fair with my Wills pricing. Wills broadly fall into two categories, those that gift immediately and those that gift at a later time and require the creation of a Will Trust. A simple single Will costs £220 and a Will including a Trust costs £490. Contact me for a full estate planning price list.

Why do you charge so competitively for a Trust Will?

Simple. I prefer to work with interesting families. As a result, they may have children from previous relationships, a new partner, a home they own in differing proportions or children they wish to make provision for. So quite often their Will needs to include some form of Trust to make sure they are protecting everyone they love, fairly and in a way that reflects their family. So I’ve reduced the difference in cost between my simple and trust Will so I can recommend the right one for you, regardless of family or financial circumstances without cost being a deciding factor for you.

What’s the Process?

Again, Simple. You Book a Discovery Call and I’ll spend some time to getting to know you and your family and financial circumstances. I’ll make a suggestion on the Will that is the best fit for you. If you want to go ahead, we have a further call to complete the missing information. You will receive a request for an identify check and your invoice. Once complete, I arrange for your Will to be drafted and you’ll review the draft online to ensure it matches your wishes. Once happy, the final documents will be posted out to you for Signing and Witnessing.

How long does it take?

The first part is down to you being available, talking with loved ones and collecting information. I aim for an average 10 day process from Payment to Delivery. I do offer an Express Service where the Will needs to be prepared urgently which can reduce this to 4 days. So please just ask.

What is the ‘What Happens If’ Service

Our What Happens If service is everything else in and around the Will you and your Family could consider. I will take a look at your circumstances and make you aware of any Pension, Trust, Insurance or Inheritance Tax Issues that you may benefit from qualified financial advice for and signpost you to a trusted expert.

Please note this is not advice, it is “administrative”. It is helping you understand what and how your other finances fit in alongside your Will and highlighting anything extra you may need or want to do to make the two work together. It also includes any Expression of Wishes letters you wish to leave for your Executors with your Will and a List of Where and What everything is, for your Executors and Family once you are gone.

How does a Lasting Power of Attorney differ from a Will?

A Will comes into play once you pass away. Your Lasting Power of Attorney (In England and Wales) allows you to nominate people you trust to deal with either your financial decisions or your health decisions whilst you are still here – but in the event of you not being able to make those decisions for yourself any longer. You should nominate someone you implicitly trust to act as your attorney, these can be friend, family or a professional but someone who has your best interest at heart and will act as a trustworthy financial or health decision maker if you ever lose the capacity to make these decisions and actions yourself.

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