One to One Coaching

Looking to change the way you are with money?

We’ll work together one-to-one over 12 weeks tailored
to you and your unique financial situation.

By the end of your coaching program you’ll be able to positively influence your money and make decisions with confidence and have clear money goals in line with your values that you can achieve without fear.

It is not really about the money, but the meaning we attach to money. Our money relationships are driven by our unconscious based on past childhood experiences, learned from our parents, grandparents or a traumatic experience like a family break-up. How we feel about ourselves, our value, worth and sense of safety is directly reflected in how we are with money – that’s why you have everything you need to change it.

One to One financial coaching will bring an awareness of these unconscious drivers. Awareness is like a light being switched on, once aware you can’t unknow it. That’s why one to one coaching is so transformational.

I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to explore the root causes of your money habits and I’ll support you in identifying what is really valuable to you. Together we will create your action plan and accountability for you to work towards and achieve your personal money, family and life goals with ease and confidence.

Start your new money relationship today

Duration: 12 weeks, 1 Hour Bi-Weekly via Zoom
Program Cost: £1,200 (or 3 payments of £400)