Family Financial Success Coaching Programme

Ever wondered where all of your money goes? You’ve got most of it right but somehow, somewhere, something just isn’t quite working?

If you’ve got a good income, a family and you work really hard but you are not seeing and enjoying the results of your hard work then Financial Coaching could be the missing piece for your family finances.

Are you are a parent who feels out of control of your spending, you have a great income but have no idea where it ends up going each month? On the kids, shopping and credit and not enough for your future?

You see the money coming in and the money going out and you feel like you’re not managing it well enough. There is always another spend, something to buy, to gift or there is just always something ‘else’ that gets in the way.

You’re watching your kids getting more independent and now need to make future financial provision for you. But you’re running out of time to fix your finances for the choices and freedom you really want.

Financial Choice, Time and Freedom

Would you love to change your job, start a business or maybe change your relationship and achieve the things you want from life? but you need the money in place to free you to achieve that and be able to make your choices.

You want to have time to choose to do what you want to do. To be financially freer so you can spend time and money with family, future grandkids, travel, holidays. Or get to the point where you can work fewer hours. Or simply enjoy your hobbies, fitness, self-care, health, yoga or quietly read. Your choice.

You want choice. You want freedom. You want time.
And the one thing stopping you from having all this is, your money.

I can help.

My high stress levels are gone, I no longer spend large amounts of money impulsively and I am able to spend more family time which has greatly enhanced my happiness. And at the same time managing my money rather that the other way around.

Mr Gill, Management Consultant, Dad and Step-Dad

I’ve been there, trapped within a monthly money cycle, trying to support a growing family and looking for the answers.

It is not really about the money, but the meaning we attach to money. How we feel about ourselves, is often echoed in how we are with money – that’s why you have everything you need to change it.

Awareness is like a light being switched on, once you know what’s stopping you, you can’t unknow it.

That’s why one to one financial coaching is so transformational.

But it’s more than mindset, money has two sides, emotional and practical, I combine both – as a financial coach, adviser and family finance specialist coupled with 30 years of parenting in a changing family – and that’s why it works.

There is something about the way Catherine coaches that creates change at a very deep level. I’ve learned to give myself permission to receive again which has led me to so many new openings including new investments, job, home and assets.

Ann, Business Strategist, Blended Family

Family Financial Success 1-1 Coaching Programme

My signature One to One Financial Success Coaching Programme will give you a Financial Plan and all the practical and emotional coaching you need to get to this freedom and financial success.

We’ll work together for 3 months. I’ll be there to help you take control and put in place the steps and plans to achieve those money choices and financial freedom.  You will have a clear plan and have worked through your mindset and money blocks so you can successfully make the most of your money for you and your family and your future.

  • We’ll Kickstart with a 2 hour Strategy, Planning and Mindset Session and from there I’ll be supporting you for the next 12 weeks.
  • I’ll be on hand with your questions and habit breaking and creating reminders
  • Every second week we’ll meet for a bespoke one-to-one session and build on or clear the next block
  • We’ll wrap up in week 12 with your completed plan Financial Plan and new set of money beliefs
  • You’ll have full access to all the Money Membership perks during our time together including additional video coaching and 2 group coaching events each month if you choose.
  • You’ll be offered support after the programme to help you stay on track with your financial success

Catherine has provided me with Practical and Emotional support the whole way to a significantly higher income and savings like never before. If you want to understand how your past has shaped your finances and change this for the better, then this is for you

,Janine, Recruitment Manager, Blended Family

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t act now?

Change takes action. By making the decision to act today you are beginning to change your financial situation. Imagine what would be different in 3 months by investing in yourself and your finances today? By not acting nothing will change.

How much does this cost?

The programme costs £765 per month for 3 months or receive the early booking price of £1,995 and save £300.

Is this for me?

This is for you if you know your habits with money are stopping you living the life you want to see.

Who isn’t this for?

It isn’t for you if you don’t have an income, if you have large unsecured debts or need specific financial advice around pensions or investments.

My partner and I both need this, can we do it together?

The coaching programme is a one-to-one coaching programme designed for working with one parent at a time. You can complete the programme on your own as all family members will benefit as you apply the skills and changes. You can also both complete the programme by alternating which parent attends the one-to-one sessions but would require an additional 2 hour strategy session costing in for the other parent.

From the first session, so many aha moments landed and stayed with me well after each session. Real practical steps I could and did take to becoming more mindful of my relationship with money, making my money go further and work for me rather than against me

Ben, Dentist, Co-Parenting

Book your 15 minute Discovery Call to change your money relationship today and step into your financial success and freedom.

Cost: £765 per month (£2,295) or save £300 when paying in advance £1,995