Your space to learn everything you need to Love, Make, Save & Grow your family’s money, joyfully

The money membership is Your Money Coach in your Pocket. Your space to learn everything you need to make more money, save more money and grow your money, joyfully. – your very own financial influencer, in you pocket.

Available on any device 24/7, for you to access financial coaching, tools and support to finally be successful with your money in your own time, anytime and at your own pace.

  • Do you feel stuck with your money?
  • Money comes in, money goes back out but not moving forward?
  • Struggling to balance your money needs, your kids, your partners?
  • Do you just not look or manage money tasks as well as you want to?
  • Do you start saving but then have to spend on something for you, for your family?
  • Feel trapped with your money habits and don’t know how to change them?
  • Do you want more money for you and your family?
  • Do you want all the money stress and fear to go away?
  • Do you want your financial situation to finally change, and change for good?

Are you ready for change?

You’ve tried everything and still can’t control your family finances to achieve your money goals and dreams. You want to tell a different money story, you want ‘something’ to change so you & your family can finally have a better financial future.

What you really want is to take control of & influence your money to create the financial future you want instead. And do all of this positively, confidently, without fear or anxiety.

This is for you if you want to

  • Feel positive and in control of your money
  • Enjoy spending, on the right thing, at the right time
  • See your savings grow and feel safer
  • Be 100% confident managing your money
  • Set Money Goals for your whole family you can celebrate achieving
  • Get ready to begin investing for yourself and your kids
  • No more money fear, guilt, shame or not looking
  • Knowing you are not alone, you have support
  • Affordable way to access the benefits of Financial Coaching
  • Help with BOTH Money Skills and Money Mindset for real family financial success

Imagine how that would change your future… ?

The answer lies in combining both practical money skills along with your money mindset. And this membership will coach you through both sides of money, in a community with an expert financial coach every step of the way.

I want to be better with money!

What’s Inside?

  • COACHING  Videos & Money Lessons with interactive learning activities every single week
  • TRAINING Modules on changing your Money Mindset and the Foundations of Family Finance and Money Skills
  • LIVE Group Money Dates with your Coach and Community, twice a month
  • COMMUNITY Support. We’ll support you and help you stay on track
  • BOOST your money change with exclusive member only DISCOUNTS for 1-1 online Coaching sessions and courses

I’ll share my years of financial advice and money planning skills with you as well as the coaching skills I use with my 1-1 clients. And how I got from single Mum on a limited income to financially independent, by combining money mindset and money skills.

  • EASY ACCESS 24/7 – Available, anytime, anywhere and on any device… even without an internet connection. Learn at your pace, in your own time.
  • EXPERT Money Coach – Created for you by an Accredited Money Coach (CeFP), Qualified Financial Adviser & Family Finance specialist
  • BITE SIZED COACHING – Money doesn’t have to be complex. Lessons and coaching simplified into bite-sized chunks for self-discovery
  • CONSISTENT SUPPORT – With you every step to success with consistent content, support, coaching and tracking
  • DISCOUNTS – exclusive member discounts on 1-1 live coaching and new courses and training

The first step is simply to decide to.

What other people are saying

“I had tried EVERYTHING and couldn’t make it stick. Catherine has given me so many lightbulb moments that I’m not spending, I’m checking everything I do spend and starting to understand why I’ve been doing the things I used to do. I’ve taken action and cant wait to see what’s next on my journey” Beth

“Catherine supported me through many phases of my financial transition and has set me on a completely new path and provided me with practical and emotional support the whole way” Janine

I immediately knew I was in safe hands with Catherine and her huge wealth of knowledge and the guidance has totally changed my outlook. p.s I’m loving doing my “homework” Amanda

“My partner and I are now buying a house together and now we can communicate about our finances and plan our financial future together. Catherine is a powerful financial coach!” Anne

I need help taking control of my money!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost is £19 a month or get 2 months FREE at just £190 if paid annually

What if I can’t afford it?

I hear you, this is what I used to say and then I continued not being able to afford the things I wanted. I had to learn everything I share with you over years of trial and error, qualifications and costly courses , and all that time my money wasn’t working as hard for me as it is today. I’ll share this with you so you can fast track your finances.

How much time do I need to commit?

This is a self-paced coached membership so you can go as fast or slow as you need to. Coaching videos are drip fed in every single week and live events every month, so you be you, do you in the way that’s right for you.

Where can I access it?

Available on Mobile Web, Tablet or PC and APP version coming soon to Apple and Google. It is available, anytime 24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere so you can work in your own time at your own pace in and around family commitments.

I’ve tried things before and they didn’t work, how is this different?

I hear this so many times and that’s the very reason why I’ve created this course.

Other trainings and memberships either focus on the “how to budget” and don’t address the thoughts, feelings and limiting money beliefs that drive your money habits or they promise the abundance and manifestation but don’t help you with How to make it happen.

This membership and the process I use combines both, your money mindset and the practical money skills, because you and your money are not two separate things, and that’s why this works. We also learn how to balance personal alongside family finance as your money decisions don’t just effect you, they effect your whole family.

Do both parents need to join?

No. One parent is just fine. You’ll learn what you need as a Family including how to have family money dates, talk to your partner, kids, ex-partner and wider family about money and balance priorities in saving, spending and investing for yourselves and/or your children.

Your Money Coach in your Pocket