Money with Purpose Coaching Programme

Are Ethical Money Choices important to you & your family’s future? Are you are a parent who wants to create a sustainable lifestyle for you your family and future generations, but you find it hard to know how to spend, save, gift or invest in line with your values, politics and beliefs?

  • Would you love to use money as a force for good and use your money to raise your family in line with your ethical principles and values?
  • You’d like to consume less or make more informed, impactful spending choices?
  • Your lifestyle aligns with many of your values, but when it comes to finances things are not always clear?
  • You want to be a more conscious consumer but your money habits don’t always support your intentions?
  • You’re not 100% sure your savings or investments match your purpose or you’ve sometimes wondered if you earn it in a purpose-led way?
  • Do you want your money habits to align with your ethical choices?

Conscious Living, Values-Led Money Decisions

Our values are our own, there is no perfect answer and what is most valuable to you will be different from the next. Whether its to protect our oceans from plastic, reduce the impact of pollution, live meat-free, do no harm, fair trade, social equality, re-wild, given-back, the environment, your community, animal kindness, all or a combination.

Your purpose is unique to you and so are your money choices.

You want to live Ethically, Sustainably and in line with your Values.
You want your Money to purposefully match these choices.

I can help.

There is something about the way Catherine coaches that creates change at a very deep level. I’ve learned to give myself permission to receive again which has led me to so many new openings including new investments, job, home and assets and leading a truly purpose-led life.

Ann, Business Strategist, Blended Family

I was lucky, my childhood was filled with ‘conscious consumerism’. We were brought up to put out money where our mouths were. To choose which causes we believed in and support (or not) using the power in our purse.

It never occurred to me that there was any other way to ‘do’ money, other than to make these conscious choices until I became a Financial Adviser and heard from clients daily that they didn’t always know how or where to begin or do this as well as they wanted to.

I’ve spent a lifetime learning to navigate my way through finances, personal values, and (mis)information and balance this out with the very real life challenges of time, convenience and money whilst raising a family and working full-time to live my Money with Purpose.

Use your Money for your Impact

Every pound we make, spend, save, invest or gift can be directed to create an impact that mirrors our values.

These choices can be confusing. Perhaps you want to consume less but have a money habit that doesn’t align with this. Maybe you’re making great spending choices but no idea what your harm or good your pension is doing. Not knowing which (mis)information, labels, claims to believe or wanting to make sure our savings aren’t being lent by banks to businesses that do more harm than we do. Knowing who to avoid and what to support and WHY.

When I first began this journey I based many of my choices out of scarcity, that I should take less, create less, do less, have less. But I discovered I was wrong. We can have more impact, a greater effect, do more good and create change with more.

It’s balancing the right less with the right more.

To do that consistently and well we first need to know ourselves. The WHY is yours, it is unique to you and your beliefs. I simply help you identify how best to align your Money with your Purpose.

Being a Vegan and wanting to buy a small holding for my kids and the animals we rescue was always important to me. But I also spent impulsively on other unplanned clothes and stuff online then felt massively guilty afterwards, never saving anything let alone enough for that dream. I get why I was emotionally spending and sabotaging my money & dreams now, it’s like having my eyes opened.

Carol, Blended Family

Money with Purpose 1-1 Coaching Programme

We’ll work together, online, over 4 weeks. I’ll be there to help you get crystal clear on what is most valuable to you and uncover any money beliefs that are leading to conflicting money decisions. We’ll identify your core values and purpose, what you will and won’t compromise on and the steps to align your money choices with your beliefs.

  • We’ll Kickstart with a 1 hour deep dive into your Purpose, Values, Beliefs and current lifestyle choices & money habits and longer term goals.
  • Then for the next 2 weeks we’ll meet twice for a bespoke 1 hour Money with Purpose Mindset session
  • We’ll wrap up in week 4 for our final 1 hour session to complete your Purpose-Led Money roadmap which you and your family can use every day to make ethical money-choices that feel right to you and have the impact you want them to.
  • You’ll be offered support after the programme to help you sustain your living your money with purpose.

Catherine has provided me with Practical and Emotional support the whole way to a significantly higher income and savings like never before whilst spending in line with my values. If you want to understand how your past has shaped your finances and change this for a better future, then this is for you

,Janine, Blended Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work this out myself?

Yes, I did. But it took a long time, a lot of research, self-reflection and shopping by trial and error. You’ll benefit from my years of conscious consumerism, training as a financial adviser, money coach and Mum of 30 years and get to where you need to be within weeks.

How much does this cost?

The full programme costs £699

Is this for me?

This is for you if you want to use your money as a force for good. To align your money habits with your personal beliefs and values and want an easier way of navigating how to use your money well to do that. We’ll cover the areas important to you from making money ethically, saving or investing in line with your beliefs or spending consciously. There is no perfect one-size fits all solution, there is only what is right for you.

Who isn’t this for?

It isn’t for you if you don’t yet have an income, if you have large unsecured debts or need specific financial advice around pensions or investment recommendations. Neither is this for you if you don’t have a strong passion to have an impact with your money and value profit over purpose.

How much time will I need to commit?

The programme runs over 4 sessions and you’ll have a minimum of 4 1-1 hours with me plus additional support via whatsapp. However your purpose, values and money habits are unique to you and to complete your Money with Purpose Roadmap effectively you’ll need to commit further time each week to complete your self-work and any actions. This varies from family to family depending on your start point and end goals but allow for at least 30 minutes a week.

My partner and I both need this, can we do it together?

Absolutely. Same time, same cost but you’ll need to spend some additional time working through your Values mapping with each other to create a shared plan and conversations around your similar and varying values, beliefs and priorities. An additional pay as you go session can be curated to support with this if required.

From the first session, so many aha moments landed and stayed with me well after each session. Real practical steps I could and did take to becoming more mindful of my relationship with money, making my money go further and making meaningful money decisions that work for me rather than against me

Ben, Single Parent

Book your 15 minute Discovery Call to find out how to get started using your Money with Purpose.

Cost: £699 for full programme