Increase your Income Boost Coaching

Want to know how to ask for more money, a pay rise or set a higher salary expectation?

  • Looking to increase your income?
  • You want to ask for a pay rise at work but feel too uncomfortable or are afraid they’ll just say No.
  • Maybe you have a job interview and are dreading the “what are your salary expectations?” question.
  • You know you want to ask for more but you talk yourself back down to a lower number that feels more comfortable.
  • You’ve been charging the same day rate as a contractor and as the cost of everything has gone up you want to ask for more but fear you’ll lose the work you currently have?
  • Having more would make such a difference to your life but the thought of asking feels dreadful

I’ve never ever earned this much money in my life! I went in to that interview and asked and they said yes! This is £26,000 more than what I was earning just over a year ago and I can’t believe it.

Casey, Single Mum

By the end you’ll be able to

  • Confidently ask for more money
  • Understand your value and attract valuable opportunities
  • Know your market, what your worth and be able to evidence and believe this
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that keep your income lower than your are worth

I used to feel guilty when completing my time-sheets in my twenties, even though I’d worked so hard somehow it felt wrong asking for it. But I was driven by needing to provide as a single Mum at the time so had to overcome the beliefs getting in our way.

I recall “deciding” in my thirties that I was going to double my income in the year, and I did. So I thought I’d be cheeky and “decide” again, and I did, again. Then I sabotaged my income because I’d never addressed the deeper rooted beliefs around my value and worth and deserving more.

I’ve invested time and money into myself to discover this and can help you to do the same.

Getting Comfortable Asking for More

It’s not often about the money. Its about how you value yourself, what you think and feel you deserve and these beliefs are shaped from past experience. Many of us have learned that we should give more and ask for less. That our role is to work hard, often for very little, to be more charitable to cut back or thrift. But when we ask for more, we can give and do more.

For some of my clients they feel it would be greedy to want more or they fear the rejection of being told No. So we ask for less than the value that we give. When you know your value, can see the impact you make, can find evidence of your achievements and tie this together with a purpose for having more, its easier to get uncomfortable and grow through the limits you’ve unconsciously placed around your income potential. Then with practice and purpose we can become more comfortable asking for more.

I’ve increased my salary by over £12,000 since working with Catherine!

,Janine, Blended Family

Increase your Income 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • We’ll Kickstart with a 1 hour exploration of the language and beliefs you have around asking for more money. I’ll help you uncover and answer the questions around why you want more, what you would do with it and arrive at a number that feels right for you, today.
  • Then between sessions you’ll prepare and research the evidence you believe you need and work through the beliefs that may get in the way.
  • We’ll Follow up before you ask for more with a 1 hour preparation session exploring how you could ask, what feelings and thoughts might come up for you and prepare you to confidently ask for what you want and need.
  • You’ll be offered support after the sessions to help you continue expanding your beliefs and making space for more

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work this out myself?

Yes, you can, I did but it took many years of self-discovery and self-sabotage to recognise it wasn’t about the numbers it was about my recognising my own value and worth. I’ve spent years and thousands of pounds investing in myself through training as a financial adviser, a financial coach certification course and my own personal coaching to get here and I’ve distilled the key issues into this intense coaching session to prepare you for this money conversation.

How much does this cost?

The Maximise your Income Boost programme investment is £345

Is this for me?

This is for you if you know you have a money conversation around asking for more but have feelings of discomfort when imagining asking for this. That could be a pay review, job interview or challenges when clients ask what your services cost.

Who isn’t this for?

It isn’t for you if you don’t yet have an income, if you have large unsecured debts or need specific financial advice around pensions or investment recommendations.

How much time will I need to commit?

The programme runs over two 75 minute sessions over a time period set by you. In the time between sessions you’ll need to complete your self-work and any research or actions. This varies from person to person depending on your start point and end goal but allow a minimum of a further 2.5 hours.

There is something about the way Catherine coaches that creates change at a very deep level. I’ve learned to give myself permission to ask and receive again which has led me to so many new openings including a new job, more money and leading a truly purpose-led life.

Ann, Blended Family

Cost: £345 for full Boost programme.
Still Got Questions?