Group Coaching

Financial Coaching in a safe, supportive space

It is not really about the money, but the meaning we attach to money

Our money relationships are based on past experiences, learned from previous generations or emotional trauma like a family breakdown. How we feel about ourselves, our value, worth and sense of safety is directly reflected in how we are with money – that’s why you have everything you need to change it.

We deliver a range of group financial coaching programs, live via zoom, throughout the year focused on different aspects and different stages of your financial journey.

They all have one thing in common, they blend the Why you do what you do with the How to do it, because you and your money are not two separate things.

Current Course – Doors Closed.

Take Control and Influence your Money to Fearlessly Create the Financial Future you want in 4 weeks

This four-week intensive group coaching course is for those of you who are working hard and want to create a better financial future for you and your family.

Maybe you’ve tried everything and still can’t control your finances? You feel stressed and guilty about the money habits that get in the way or you making or saving more money? You want a different money story, you want change. You want more money coming in, more money saving up and a better financial future?

If you missed the money coaching course date, then take a look at our Money Membership instead