Group Coaching

You can have a positive, easy money relationship

You want something to change with your money.
You are not the only one!

You are working hard with a regular income yet money still causes you stress, feels overwhelming or out of control. You’d like more money to help you achieve your family goals, feel free and financially independent. You want to move away from impulsive spending and spend with purpose understanding what is important to you.

Do you hide from your bills and get anxious as the month ends looms?
You know you want to save but you never quite succeed?
You try to budget but then find yourself spending impulsively?

It is not really about the money, but the meaning we attach to money. Our money relationships are based on past experiences, learned from previous generations or emotional trauma like a family breakdown. How we feel about ourselves, our value, worth and sense of safety is directly reflected in how we are with money – that’s why you have everything you need to change it.

This five week intensive, intimate group coaching course will bring that change.

We will work together to start influencing your money relationship in a safe,
non-judgemental online space. By the end of the program you’ll be aware of past money experiences, the meanings you attach to your money and have begun healthy new habits and have all the tools you’ll need to budget, plan, save and spend so you can achieve your money goals with confidence.

Start your new money relationship today

Next Course Starts: Thursday 28th October
Duration: 5 weeks, Weekly, Online via Zoom
Course Cost: £398 (or 2 payments of £199)