Give Back Pledge

My Give Back Pledge

My Give Back Pledge

When I first wrote out my business vision and plan for #TheFinfluencer the biggest post it note on my vision board was my “give back”. Here’s Why.

I first held my Daughter when I was 17 and swore I’d do everything and anything to keep her safe. I did, It was tough but I was tough too. I wish it had been financially easier and I’d been better able to mange and enjoy the money and working and celebrate my successes. I’d have made fewer poor decisions and realised my own potential sooner.

How we feel about ourselves is often echoed in our money relationship and the extra challenges of childcare, costs, separate parents, lack of support and peer network and self-education make this a tougher route, meaning we may miss out on our own opportunities to aspire & succeed.

Started Young Mums

I overcame all of these challenges but it took time and as part of my giving back I’d like to reach back and help other Mums who Started Young to re-discover their purpose, recognise their value and worth and benefit from 1-1 Financial Coaching, but without the barrier of cost.

  • Our ‘Give Back Pledge’ means for every 10th 1-1 clients we offer a ‘funded by us’ space on our financial coaching programme to support a Mum who started young.
  • Over 12 weeks you will be supported 1-1 by a certified money coach online via Zoom and Whatsapp in understanding your money habits, how your feelings and beliefs are impacting your money habits and begin to make changes for improving your money relationship and habits and to help you move toward your personal and financial goals.
  • The criteria to Apply are: A) Had you first child before age 20 B) are working at least part-time either for yourself or someone else C) Wants to change their current money relationship or financial circumstances.
  • Simply complete the application form and when a space next becomes available you’ll be contacted with the programme details and arrange the 6 coaching dates.
  • Apply Here for a “funded-by-me” place

Coming Soon: I’m mid-recording the Started Young Mums Podcast sharing the stories of amazing women who began their parenthood before 20 and overcame challenges to survive, thrive and succeed.

Money With Purpose

I don’t just talk about leading a purpose-led life and using your money to influence good…I aim to live by this too. I’m far from perfect, aren’t we all, but I was brought up by my parents to ‘vote’ with my money, research and question everything and use the “power in my purse” to be a conscious consumer. I’m working toward sharing more but for me (personally, because it’s personal) this includes:

  • Boycotting Fast-Fashion
  • Avoiding Plastics
  • Avoiding any Animal Harm products
  • Shopping Small, Shopping Local, Shopping Sustainable
  • Re-wilding my corner of NE Derbyshire by planting trees, giving back to nature and creating a wild, natural diverse environment and a happy free-range home for 7 nutty ducks.

My Vision and Values

My Values spell CHANGE. I create a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental coaching space for parents. There is no good, bad, right or wrong with money, beliefs or values when working with me. Money coaching focuses on change, your future and creating the one that you want so I focus on empowering you to achieve those aspirations.

  • Compassion – I listen, coach and act with compassion
  • Honesty – I’ll be honest and transparent at all times and use my money honestly
  • Aspiration – By changing our financial situation and using our money with purpose we can aspire to be all we can
  • Non-Judgemental – I will listen always without judgement, whatever your story
  • Give Back – I have a give back pledge that aligns with my values
  • Empower – Influencing your finances empowers you to live the life you want and create the change you want to see

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