Financial Fear to Financial Freedom

I am on a mission to empower UK families to move from financial fear to freedom, so they can focus on what really matters to them.

I am a Qualified Financial Adviser, Certified Money Coach, Speaker, Blogger and Founder of The #Finfluencer.

This wasn’t always the case. I started adult life as a young single Mum which proved financially challenging
Read Why I Do What I Do

  • I learnt that there is not an Advice Gap – there is an Advice Chasm.
  • I learnt money is not an external force that happens to us, we can influence and change it
  • I learnt that how we relate with money is a reflection of how we relate to ourselves
  • I learnt that silencing money conversations and keeping money a taboo topic isolates & disempowers us
  • I learnt that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it can cause stress, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame whether you have it or not.
    • 80% of people we asked reported feeling anxiety, stress, guilt, fear or shame around money
    • All of the above said they want to be better off to by choice, time, independence or freedom

No one should face financial fear alone.

Financial Coaching

There are 3 ways we can work together, one to one financial coaching, group money coaching and self-paced coached courses.

I 100% believe if you want to change your money situation you can as money is both emotional and practical. I can help you with both

Speaking & Workshops

I’m available for public speaking, money and mindset courses and workshops

I believe by talking confidently and publicly about the real issues around money & mindset and sharing what we have collectively learnt influences us all to the better.

Give Back Pledge

I give back 10% of my time or income to support young Mums. who may have a harder financial path when careers are set back due to limited access to education and childcare.

I offer one free space in every 10 on every group coaching to Mums who started their families early.

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