24 Days of Christmas Money Ideas

24 Family Christmas Money Saving Ideas over advent for cutting Christmas costs, making more and making the most of your money. Ideas include how to save and invest for children, spending in line with your sustainable values making it a Green Christmas, talking money with family plus festive tips & tricks to survive Christmas without breaking the bank.

Christmas brings feelings of joy, family, giving and sharing but hand in hand come the money dilemmas. How much to spend, on what, who & where. Increasingly we want to celebrate without the commercial pressures and consider including sustainable, affordable, green and local alternatives. And for families who are growing, blending or changing these challenges can be, even more challenging.

This post is dedicated to bringing you all those Christmas money saving, cost-cutting ideas, hints and tips to enjoy a family Christmas and start the New Year off from a money positive place.

Advent Day 1 – Rent your Christmas Tree

Advent Christmas Money | Day 1 | Rent your Christmas Tree

For those of us that buy a real Christmas tree, potted or cut, this tip will both save you money and help save on your festive waste.

Renting a tree for the festive season, then having it collected and replanted is a great option for those wanting to make sustainable choices at Christmas and spend in line with their values. This is a win-win for trees, the environment and your purse.

Personally I love that you can hire the same tree back each year, so as your family grows so does your tree! So make this one a #greenchristmas by renting your tree.

Try these links for tree rentals | LoveChristmasTree | RentalClaus |
or here for other eco-friendly ideas for Christmas trees

Advent Day 2 – Make Savings on your Subscriptions

Saving Money Ideas for Christmas

There is nothing better than a pre-Christmas declutter so this is your nudge to check and clear out unwanted or unused subscriptions or memberships before annual ones auto-renew around Christmas and New Year.

They aren’t always obvious so here’s 6 places to review:
1. Phone Settings > Name > Subscriptions
2. Paypal > Transactions > Payment > Subscription sent
3. Bank Statements > Subscription, Direct Debit & Standing Order Tabs
4. Credit Card Statements
5. Emails from last January to remind yourself what you signed up for!
6. Audit your streaming services eg Spotify, Prime to make sure you’ve not doubled up on any in the Family & are benefitting from Family memberships

Check this PC Mag article out for Expense and Subscription Tracking Apps

Advent Day 3 – Invest Christmas Money for your Children

24 days christmas money savings tips

Gift to your kids future self by encouraging your children or family members to put aside some of their Christmas Money into a children’s investment.

Investments are a long term savings plan so childhood is 18 years of time in the market for potential growth meaning they could potentially benefit from more savings as they start their adult life.

A child can have a Junior ISA or a Pension or a General Investment. Each has its own tax rules, age your child can access it and different amount that can be saved each year but all can be invested from 0 upwards.

Try these sites for kids investments AJBell | Wealthify | Beanstalk | Hapiplan

Be Aware that Investment values can rise as well as fall, capital is at risk. This is information – not advice. Contact a financial adviser for a specific recommendation.

Advent Day 4 – Hire your Christmas Party Wear

Christmas Money Making Ideas and Tips

More retailers are listening to our calls for a move toward more sustainable fashion, meaning this year there is more choice than ever for hiring party wear for the festive season. This is a win-win for your Christmas budget and the environment, supports your greener Christmas and maybe a new habit for the New Year?

This year Marks & Spencer’s have joined the party and are trialling a rental edit offering key pieces of womenswear party hire from as little as £13 for 4 days hire via hirestreet. See links below for Kidswear clothes hire or consider as an alternative a monthly membership for regular rentals.

Check these our for partywear hire | hirestreet | onloan | mywardrobehq

Advent Day 5 – Shop Small, Shop Local, Save Money

Christmas Save Money tips

Buying from smaller outlets or shopping local puts money back into smaller economies and allows all of us to financially benefit from this time of year and not just the commerce giants and saves you money at Christmas.

Independents that sell via Amazon lose 6-45% to the giant whereas buying directly from them puts more money and choice into their hands. This saves you money, supports entrepreneurs, families & your community.

We’ve still got 3 weeks for gifts to arrive, or to explore local outlets so you could also cancel your prime membership and save nearly £100 a year.

Check these sites to support small or local locallyuk | etsyuk | webuysmall
and at Good Housekeeping for Christmas gifts ideas from small businesses

Advent Day 6 – Christmas Cash Back – with Purpose

Christmas Gift Ideas Shop Local Shop Small Save Money

If you are planning on buying a specific gift or from a particular retailer it’s well worth checking if it is available on cash back sites before you buy, so you can benefit from some money back on your spend. When you click through to a retailer from a cash back site, then make a purchase, the retailer pays the cashback site a commission which they share with you.

I generally don’t advocate cash back sites as they can encourage overspending if we are easily tempted by offers – so do this with purpose. If you’ve got your Christmas list and spending plan and can check the sites to see if you can make a saving then this is well worth doing, but remember to draw it out of your cashback account as soon as you are able, its safer in your bank account – or added to your savings – than anywhere else.

Here are some of the biggest Topcashback | OhmyDosh | Quidco or check out Kidstart for cash back to top up your kids savings instead

Advent Day 7 – Christmas Money Talks with Kids

Save Money on Cash Back Sites for Christmas

It’s never too early to involve kids with money. Christmas is a perfect time for money talk & practice and here are 6 conversations to get started.

1. Give them control of their own spending allowance to make and buy gifts for those they love
2. Review their gift or wish list and chat through what is a Need, a Want and encourage them to prioritise.
3. Chat about the charities, gift boxes, fundraising and volunteering going on around Christmas, what they do and why.
4. Involve them in age appropriate Christmas preparation eg shopping lists, spending plan, discount finding, gift costs
5. Consider gifting them a GoHenry, Rooster or Starling Kite card for rewards & lessons on earning, spending and Christmas money saving ideas
6. Check out Day 3 above on how to invest some of their Christmas money

Check out these kids banking sites GoHenry | Starling Kite | Rooster Money

Advent Day 8 – Sustainable Christmas Wrapping

Money Saving Ideas for Christmas

Christmas paper is expensive, single use and those using foil are not even recyclable. The miles of wrap we use makes wrapping costly on your Christmas budget and the environment. Here are some ways to make some sustainable Christmas savings with some creative renewable wrapping.

1. Be inspired by the ancient Japanese art of fabric wrapping Furoshiki and wrap in fabric or even a scarf as part of the gift itself.
2. Source recycled wrapping or re-use gift bags you’ve already been gifted
3. Make or source fabric for re-usable bags. Fabric off cuts are affordable and easy to find it you know a creative sewer or check out online crafters,
4. Get crafty with the kids using brown or newspaper and adding festive prints, sprigs of foliage, seasonal ornaments and garnishes.

Check these sites out Furoshiki Wrap | Little Green Wrapping | Ecovibe
More eco-friendly wrapping ideas from Stylist or ideas from Spruce Crafts

Advent Day 9 – Plan a Christmas Money Date

How to Save Money at Christmas

A monthly money date is important every month but at Christmas and heading into the New Year it’s key to re-visit and ensure you are on track.

Emotions run high and we are bombarded by offers, deals and extra stocking fillers as the day draws nearer. Instagram perfect Christmas pictures and news of other peoples plans effects us too. So to help stick to your really valuable goals for you and your Family book an extra date in and be aware of the emotions and thoughts that are coming up for you around money.

– Check goals are on track
– Check spending is in line with budget and values
– Face any tricky money conversations with partner and family.

Join us for our FREE monthly Money Date if you can’t face this alone

Advent Day 10 – Write your Will

Family Christmas Money Ideas and Tips

This seems as un-festive a tip as you could get but Christmas is actually the time we really start to think about those we love and how we can protect them when we’re gone. With all the Family together it’s an ideal time to ask the people you love and trust to be your executors or guardian for the children. 6 in 10 of us are still without a Will which is a particular risk for families who are not married or have children from a previous relationship.

– Talk to loved ones about what is important to you with your Will
– Ask someone you trust if they’d act as Executor, Trustee or Guardian
– Use this time of de-cluttering to find relevant paperwork
– Find a will specialist you can trust and who will shape your Will to support your Family and your Finances
– Sign and have it witnessed and the peace of mind that it is now done ahead of going into the New Year.

Read more about Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney here

Advent Day 11 – Protect your Christmas Spending

How to save money at christmas

Check your spending and gifts are protected this Christmas.

1. Credit cards. If you buy an item between £100 and £3,000 on your credit card, your spend is protected by Consumer Credit Act Section 75 meaning you can reclaim from the card company if your item is lost, damaged, not as described.
2. PayPal has its own rules which are less robust but you can claim a refund via them directly.
3. Debit cards are not protected this way but may be able to claim from chargeback. Or use a credit card instead.
4. Devices eg Apple Pay – it’s the attached card that has the protection depending on whether it’s debit or credit
5. If you buy higher value single items double check your existing home insurance covers these

And a festive reminder, whilst the credit card has additional protection on plus £100 spend it’s only valuable to you if you can afford to pay the minimum repayments or clear the balance.

Advent Day 12 – Decorate Naturally

Protect Spending at Christmas

For decorations that don’t cost the earth, move away from plastic to another #greenchristmas idea by decorating naturally for another Christmas Money Saving Idea.

There are so many free and cheap natural resources around that with a little imagination and someone half creative you can reduce some of the decking costs then just add lights and candles for a festive finish.

Get creative with beautiful winter branches, chilli’s, pampas feathers, nuts, dried flower beads, paper snowflakes. Seed heads, orange slices, cloves, wood, salt dough, clay, holly, mistletoe, ivy. All naturally compostable so less damage to the environment and your bank account.

Check out ideas from | CountryLiving | Gathered | Stitched |

Advent Day 13 – Christmas Money MOT

Christmas Money Saving Ideas and Tips

Take a PAUSE and complete a mini Money MOT to check in on your financial resilience ahead of the last minute Christmas Spending and New year Goal Setting.

It’s easy to get drawn into last minute deals, offers and credit but by sense checking your money position this can help you stay focussed and on track.

Money Smart Quiz
Find our how Money Smart you are with our super quick quiz followed by hints and tips to get you levelled up from Money Maker to Money Master.

Monthly Money Date
Or join us for this months Money Date and we’ll support you and hold you accountable.

Advent Day 14 – Save on your Family Christmas Meal

Christmas Money Saving Ideas

This year @fulltimemeals are proving it is possible to prepare a very low cost Christmas Family meal for just £10. Supported by Marcus Rashford, Chef Tom Kerridge has prepared a menu to ensure those on the lowest budgets are able to enjoy a special meal on Christmas Day.

If you have your Christmas meal with all the trimmings covered, can you trim some of your budget to donate £10 to cover the cost of a meal for a UK Family? If so, check out Fareshare. Or if you need some cost-saving menu inspiration then check out Fullltimemeals

Did you know that the NHS Healthy Start scheme is available for pregnant women and those with children under the age of 4. You may be eligible for the card to use toward milk and healthy food.

Advent Day 15 – 7 Money Lessons Stocking Fillers

Christmas Money Family Saving Ideas

Give the gift of money knowledge with these stocking filler ideas and start teaching kids about money from an early age so they benefit from great money habits in the future.

1. Grandpas Fortune Fables (Book Age 71-12)
2. Book of Money Sense (Book Age 4-6)
3. Monopoly (Game, All Ages)
4. Toy Shop (Game, Age 4-9)
5. Pay Day (Game, All Ages)
6. Act your Wage (Game, Age 7-12)
7. Money Metropolis (GAME< Age 7-12)

Advent Day 16 – De-Clutter to Gift or Sell

Saving Money at Christmas

Whether you de-clutter before Christmas or in the New Year, the “Clearing” process makes spaces for the new in your life. The items cleared can then either generate extra cash for you, or to gift for others in need.

Sell clothes, shoes & accessories on
Sell bigger items for delivery or collection on
– Facebook Marketplace
Or gift
– food and kitchen items to your local food bank as demand is unprecedented this yeas.
– clothes, bedding, toys to your chosen charity for families in need.

Advent Day 17 – Give a Christmas Gift of Giving

Christmas Charity Ideas for Money Saving

Give to your children (or a grown up!) whilst also teaching them the value of giving and supporting causes close to your heart with these 5 great charity gift ideas.

1. Adopt an Animal
2. Dedicate & Plant a Tree
3. Green Magazine Kids Subscription
4. Natural World Gift Membership
5. Sponsor a Child

Advent Day 18 – Get Creative with Secret Santa

Christmas Money Making Ideas

Whether you love or hate the work-based Secret Santa it is a useful way to set a budget, or reduce the number of gifts for friend groups or wider family. Get creative with secret gifting with these variations

1. Winter Wonderland Gifting
2. Guess the Parcel
3. Not-so-Secret Pirate Santa
4. Festive Auction

Advent Day 19 – Pros & Cons of Christmas Gift Vouchers

Christmas Money Making Tips

Gifting gift cards or vouchers at Christmas is loved by some and hated by others. if you are gifting (or receiving) gift cards this Christmas be mindful of the pro & cons. If you are gifting check in with the receiver what stores they love to shop at or whether they are saving up toward specific items. If you are receiving, spend it soon and keep an eye on the balance so you make the most of all of it.

– Not protected by the FSCS so if the company goes bankrupt the money is gone and no compensation.
– It’s easy to forget the balance ad nobody benefits except the store.
– Can’t always find an item that you want or need
– Expiry dates mean the money can be 100% lost

On the plus it can give someone on a tight budget
– Guilt-free spending
– Can save up multiple vouchers toward a larger gift

Advent Day 20 – Conscious Christmas Spending

Sustainable Christmas Money Ideas

If you have clear ideas on where, how and why you spend your money (values-based conscious spending) then don’t let Christmas be a time to draw you away from this. It is still possible to gift to others and spend in line with your values.

I am very clear on what impact I do and don’t want to have on the environment and economy and this is far more important to me than giving a family member something from their “Wish list” – but it can take a little more time and organisation. The most important part is to be really clear in your own mind about what and where you will support with your money and leave extra time to source & research the gifts you want from the suppliers who align with your values.

Many of the above tips for example shopping local, shopping small, supporting local farms, selecting green or sustainable gifts, wrap and alternatives might have already inspired you.

Advent Day 21 – Share the Cost of Christmas Dinner

Conscious Christmas Spending

Hosting Christmas dinner for every growing, wider, blended or second-time families can hit the budget hard so have a money conversation and ask for contributions from guests. This doesn’t have to be a tricky conversation, keep it simple, honest, fair and straightforward.

ASK. If you are hosting, simply ask. Let your guests know you’d appreciate everyone contributing a little this year and guide them on food, drink, time or financial contribution that you need or would be useful.

OFFER. If you are a guest, don’t wait to be asked, but ask instead. What can you bring, make or do that would help the host and helps spread the cost and joy at Christmas.

Advent Day 22 – Do Christmas Sales on Purpose

Christmas Money Saving Ideas

The Psychology of Sales encourages us to spend because it looks and feels like we are saving.

The trick is to do Sales on Purpose and with Purpose.

If you have the spend set aside for things you planned to buy that fit with your goals and money purpose, then make the most of any price reduction.

Otherwise avoid the seduction of reduction and save all of your money, rather than buying because of that psychological saving.

Advent Day 23 – Looking Forward

Christmas Money Making Tips

It is said the 50% of New Year Resolutions fail by June. But this means that half of us succeed and many more of us progress even if we don’t see it through.

So WHAT makes the difference? Rather than WHAT focus on the WHY

As you set your financial new year resolutions and 2022 money goals ask yourself WHY. Why do I want that? Why is this important to me? Imagine how achieving that would look, sound and feel? By attaching a purpose-led reason to your goals you are more likely to stay intrinsically motivated, on track and help yourself to make the right decisions that will increase your chances of success.

Advent Day 24 – Gratitude

Christmas is an ideal time to reflect on everything we are grateful for, today, yesterday and the year past.

It is widely believed that an “Attitude of Gratitude” brings more into your life as you look to the year ahead and open up to receive.

Try a Gratitude Journal or make space and time to spend reflecting and celebrating with thanks all that you have been given, received, achieved, loved and learned.

Then look forward and imagine what you would be grateful to receive for you and your family in the upcoming year. Write those thoughts and money goals down. they are the start of your New Year financial goal creation.

24 Days of Christmas Money Saving, Making, Creating Ideas & Tips

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